Changing the World One Road at a Time

Throughout their educational journey, girls in Haiti face obstacles that often makes this journey difficult or brings it to an abrupt end. Many families struggle with financial limitations that force them to make a decision—continue to send their daughter to school or their son. More times than not, priority goes to the sons. Other families need help taking care of the younger children and that usually falls on the oldest daughter. In addition, teen pregnancy, limited access to menstrual supplies, and inadequate sanitary conditions make it difficult for girls to comfortably and confidently pursue their educational goals.’s Girls’ Voices wants to change that. Viergenelie is just one of the many girls your donations have been able to help.

When pregnant with Viergenelie (“Nellie”), her mother almost died in childbirth because it took so long to get from her home to the main road where they then had to find a car to drive to the hospital that was still more than an hour away. So, Nellie decided to film her community’s efforts to build a wider road making access to school and the hospital easier. Her short documentary, “Our Road,” was the winner of 2018’s Changemaker Competition.

And changemaker she is! With her Girls’ Voices scholarship, Nellie started a health and sanitation program in her school in hopes that girls will have greater support when they are on their period. This includes building additional toilets and showers, setting up partnerships with Thinx, and finding other ways for girls to create their own menstrual pads.

But the Girls’ Voices program has gone beyond and helped more girls than just Viergenelie. Before the program, participants were shy and had never been asked to reflect on where they came from, their experiences, and dreams and desires. Following the program, they are visibly more outgoing and reflective. The community is proud of the girls who were all nominated in the competition and hopes to have more strong, smart girls in their schools.

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