A Happy Ending Close to Home

By Czarina Nafarrate, Program and Content Coordinator

In an area where difficult pregnancies are the reality lived by mothers, the Mae Tao Clinic provides essential services to save lives by facilitating safe births. Thanks to donors like you, GreaterGood.org is able to extend grants to the Mae Tao Clinic in order to improve access to prenatal care, safe labor and delivery, and postpartum care for new mothers and their babies, like 21-year-old, Moe Thi Dar.

In 2018 Moe moved in with her parents in Myawaddy, Burma after divorcing her husband of two years. After missing her period, Moe visited the Mae Tao Clinic and the Myawaddy Hospital to take a pregnancy test. She was expecting!

Moe got a job in a Mae Sot, crossing the Thai-Burma border with her siblings every day. Her pregnancy was progressing well, and she was consistent with her antenatal care visiting both Mae Tao Clinic and Myawaddy Hospital for check-ups.

One night the contractions started. The baby was coming! She hurried to the local hospital but because it was late, there were no obstetricians and gynecologists available. Hospital staff referred her to the hospital in Hpa-An, Burma, a 3-hour drive away. She had to find somewhere closer. The Mae Tao Clinic!

Moe gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in October 2018.


“I thank donors and health staff at Mae Tao Clinic. These services are incredible as people who have financial issues, they often neglect their health care and are afraid of going to the health facility. All health staff are very kind and treat me like their family, which made me so happy.”—Moe Thi Dar


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