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Neglected Granny Isn’t So Neglected Anymore

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Needy Paws Rescue received a call that a Chihuahua’s family no longer wanted her. Her name is Granny. The family actually threw her out! They threw out Granny, but she kept coming back. After all, this was the only pack she knew. Then the family put Granny in a crate outside their home and left her there waiting for someone to claim. Needy Paws went to pick her up immediately.

At this point, Granny’s owners dumped her out of the crate and laughed. Can you believe it? They laughed?! Are these people even human? At the time of rescue, Granny was emaciated and in bad, bad shape. She was hunched over with back curvature due to improper nutrition.


But the story gets better. Granny lived with a wonderful foster mom who helped her gain weight thanks to donated pet food from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank. Her foster mom also helped Granny learn to trust again, and she is now as sweet as sugar!

What a cutie!

An adopter came along and fell in love with this girl. Who wouldn’t? These days Granny floats on her raft in the pool and lounges around all day—just another member of the loving pack she was meant for all along.

“Dogs like Granny need a better diet to help them gain the weight necessary to promote good health. Food received from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank helps us continue our efforts to save dogs like Granny who need to become healthier in order to find forever homes.” – Needy Paws Rescue

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