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Kahula Walks Again!

By Czarina Nafarrate, Program & Content Coordinator

Kahula after her stitch removal

Often shelters are unable to fund or prioritize medical procedures, leaving animals at risk of complications, lifelong damage, or sadly, death. GreaterGood.org works with shelters around the country to ensure the health and well-being of displaced animals looking for their forever home.  Thanks to your donations pets like Kahula are able to get the medical care they need to thrive and have a chance at a happy, comfortable life.

Kahula was first spotted on a lawn in San Diego. When the homeowner approached her, Kahula didn’t move an inch. At first, the homeowner figured the cat was just extremely calm. She got a closer look at Kahula and realized that there was something wrong. Kahula was unable to use her legs and couldn’t sit up, let alone walk.

X-rays at the vet’s office determined Kahlua suffered from a severe case of luxating patella in both back legs. In other words, her kneecaps kept dislocating to the point she just couldn’t move anymore. The vet recommended surgery in each knee.

After vets operated on her knees, one at a time, she took on some physical therapy and rest. Kahula was a trooper and soon after her procedure, she was adopted into a loving family. She loves her human brother and has been a happy affectionate kitty since her adoption.

Kahula and her brother



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