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After Six Years Living on a Chain, Cubby Is Ready for a Loving Home

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Cubby lived on a chain for six years with nothing but a small wooden house for shelter. While living on the chain, a menacing tumor began to grow. His owners did not seek medical attention. The tumor became so large that it engulfed his entire paw until one day it burst. Cubby’s paw was so infected, and the smell was so bad, that finally, someone called animal control.

Cubby ended up in a high-kill shelter. He suffered terribly. The shelter sent a plea to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs to take him into their care, which they did. He could barely walk or stand, and every time he did, he was losing blood.

Cubby post surgery. He is learning to trust humans but still has a long way to go after such neglect and abuse.

After the rescue got Cubby the emergency vet care he required, they discovered that the infection was so critical and his leg was so necrotic and mangled, in order to save his life they needed to amputate. Cubby’s owners were never there for him. They were blind to the angelic nature of dogs. Cubby needed your help, and you responded. In a matter of days, you fully funded his much-needed surgery and recovery.

Today Cubby is in physical therapy as he waits to find his perfect forever home. He is between 7-8 years old, very docile, friendly, and endearing. He has a beautiful amber colored coat, and his eyes sparkle with gratitude for being saved from a life of misery. The rescue recognizes that many adopters want well-mannered and loving tripods. They feel confident that the right person/family will show up for gentle, beautiful Cubby.

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