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Temporary Housing Fosters Forever Love

June is National Foster a Pet Month and while we always encourage people to adopt, we know that often the first step in a pet’s journey to their forever home is a loving foster family.

Why do rescue groups and shelters need foster homes?

Due to a variety of reasons, foster homes are crucial in the lives of many shelter pets. Some rescue groups don’t have a physical shelter and depend on foster homes to care for pets until suitable homes are found or shelters might be filling up and looking to make space for any new intakes. Other times, it’s about providing a safe space for a pet who may be recovering from an illness or injury or is in distress while in the shelter.

Why do pets fare better in foster homes?

Because they have time to socialize during their foster stay, pets are able to get used to the idea of living with a family and are able to learn important aspects about how to be the best they can be.

It also helps the shelter or rescue learn more about the dog’s personality and health, so they can address anything that might keep a pet from adoption.

How can I sign up?

Becoming a foster parent is easy! Contact a local rescue group or shelter near you and let them know you’re interested. They’ll likely ask you to fill out a form, ask a few questions, and give you training if needed.

Being a foster parent is a rewarding experience, right next to adopting!