Keepin' Cool This Summer — :

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Keepin’ Cool This Summer

By Czarina Nafarrate, Program & Content Coordinator

School’s out, days are longer, the weather’s warm, —it must be summer! It might be everyone’s favorite season, but pets can really struggle during the summer months. With all that fur, sensitive paws, and no way to really sweat it out, hot days can make a pet uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make summer work for your furry friend! Follow these tips for keeping your pet cool:

DO take an exercise break

Adjust the intensity and duration of your pet’s exercise according to the temperature outside. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours, or take a break and have a little fun indoors.



DON’T leave your pet in a parked car

This one might seem obvious, but every year hundreds of pets die all over the country due to complications from heat stroke. The inside of a car gets very hot, very fast, so leaving your pet behind, even for a quick minute, can still have dire consequences.

DO keep your pet cool (inside and out!)

Cooling mats, splash kiddie pools, and cooling body wraps are all great ways to give your pet a little cool relief during hot summer days. You can also make your very own pet-friendly frozen treats at home or add ice cubes to your pet’s water bowl for a refreshing treat.



DON’T shave your pet completely

Whether your pet is shedding like crazy or you feel their fur is making them uncomfortable, shaving a pet is not the way to go. A trim or a nice long brush is okay, but pets’ fur actually serves as protection from overheating and sunburn.

DO have fun!

Summer is the perfect time to take some time off and give your pet some extra loving. Enjoy the longer days, the frozen goodies, and remember, sitting under the cool AC definitely counts as self-care, for both you and your pet!