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Forget About Ruff Days At the Office

The Tucson GreaterGood.org office is celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day!

The annual celebration was created by Pet Sitters International 20 years ago to celebrate the pure friendships offer, and the Tucson staff knows that as well as anyone!

From chill Chester to zany Zara, the benefits of having our best friends visit our workspace are a win for everyone!

Here are just some of the many advantages pet-friendly offices benefit from:

  • Good-bye, Stress! 

Studies show that a pet can help lower stress levels at home and at work. In fact, some of these studies have shown that employee job satisfaction increases when pets are allowed in the office. Because dogs tend to create a comfortable work environment, it enables employees to release some on-the-job tension. It’s hard not to smile with a pup this cute by your desk!

  • Hello, Office Morale!

With all that stress out of the way, a puppy’s excitement is definitely contagious. An office dog encourages employees to take breaks which in turn could inspire their best ideas yet.

  • Pup-Induced Productivity

Sure a cute furry friend might start out as a distraction, but once a coworker is back at their desk, without all the stress and with a smile on their face, somehow work feels a lot easier to dive into.

  • Work, Life—Balanced 

Often employees need time off to tend to their furry family members or constantly worry about their well-being. When an employee brings their pet to work they can work comfortably without worrying about their pet being bored or alone at home.

  • Officemates, UNITE!

Maybe you’re so busy with work that you have little to no time to socialize with your peers. A dog can be a great excuse to visit your coworker and break the ice. This helps with team building and ultimately, fosters communication within the office.


We hope you’re celebrating with your pup! If so, we want to see your pictures! Tag us @greatergoodorg and use the hashtag #ggofficepups.