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Wishbone’s Owners Tied Him to a Fence and Left Him for Dead

By Jim Kober – Director of Content


Wishbone’s owners tied him to a fence with little water and left him for dead. Two weeks passed before the police found him. Poor Wishbone was in the shelter for a month before Dogs Are Deserving Rescue knew he was there. The day they pulled him, they didn’t think he would make it due to his horrible condition. Four volunteers had to lift him on a sheet into the vet’s office.

For two weeks Wishbone barely moved. He had a punctured eye and a permanent head tilt from abuse. His fur was so dirty it was like tar. His ears were so infected they closed shut. Wishbone had pressure wounds all over his body from laying on a hard surface in one place for extended periods. The rescue believes he spent a good deal of time in a crate because he had such atrophy in his legs and back. Wishbone was also dealing with a thyroid issue.


After seeing a chiropractor, eye specialist, and many visits to the vet, Wishbone is doing fantastic! A woman with MS who lives with her sister and nephew dog adopted Wishbone. They are always together and have helped each other heal! Wishbone adores his new family and doggie cousin. It’s amazing what love can do.

“Wishbone was malnourished but heavy due to the thyroid issue. The food from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank helped get him the nutrition he needed and helped us shift money for all the specialist he had to see. We have so many that we rescue who are emaciated – the good food provided to us has helped so many become healthy and vibrant again!” – Dogs Are Deserving Rescue

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