From Frozen to the Ground to Forever Home – Aspen Is a Survivor

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Aspen before

Aspen’s previous owners contacted Great Babies Rescue (GBR) because they wanted help rehoming her. They just had a baby, and Aspen was too much for them to handle. They said they had moved her out of the house and into the backyard because of her “acting out” and that she had started refusing to eat.

GBR went to rescue Aspen on Thanksgiving Day. The dog they found was emaciated and partially frozen to the ground. Partially frozen to the ground? We’re sorry, but if you cannot take care of a grown dog and a newborn, either never adopt a dog in the first place or contact a rescue long before your pet freezes to the ground!

GBR hurriedly loaded Aspen into their transport vehicle and started warming her up. It was touch and go for the first 24 hours. They weren’t sure if Aspen would see morning. Thankfully she did, and with plenty of GreaterGood.org donated pet food and a lot of love, she recovered.

It took almost a year before Aspen was healthy enough for adoption. She had multiple inquires and several meet and greets with potential adopters, but she showed no interest or connection with any of them. Then a veteran suffering from PTSD contacted GBR. He stated he had seen Aspen and heard her story and that Aspen reminded him of his dog that he lost several months earlier.

This veteran wanted to meet Aspen as soon as possible, and when he did, there was an instant connection. Aspen adopted this hero in need who in turn adopted her. She has been officially trained as a PTSD companion service animal and is living a life full of purpose and filled with love.

“Thanks to GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, Great Babies Rescue is able to save so many animals with similar needs as Aspen’s. Rescue Bank is a blessing when it comes to providing the nutritional needs of these wonderful animals. Great Babies Rescue feeds approximately 150 pounds a day. Without Rescue Bank, we could not save the animals that we rescue.” – Great Babies Rescue

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