Making a Difference with Egg-Laying Hens

Currently, 2.4 million undernourished and malnourished children are being fed every day in feeding programs throughout Haiti by utilizing surplus foods from the United States and Canada. While this is a big step forward, it has had a negative effect on the Haitian working community.

Thanks to your donations, we’re working with the Kore Foundation to support Haitian farmers by expanding our egg-laying hen program to include agriculture economic development. Through this program farmers can feed their own families, and also produce a surplus to be sold and redistributed to a local school, Insistute Edeline, to provide relief for malnourished children by providing eggs for them.

“Many of the kids usually arrive feeling very lethargic. In the past, we would give them some small crackers and then they were off to class. But they were still falling asleep in the morning classes. Now, [since the morning eggs] they appear alert and one teacher said last week she had all eyes open in her first-grade class,” one administrator at Institute Edeline remarked.

To date, Kore Foundation has delivered 15,000 eggs to schoolchildren.

From creating more income-generating opportunities for families and communities in Haiti to providing children with nutritious options, this program will continue to grow and thrive thanks to your efforts.