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The Rescue Story of Halo the Dog From Syria – as Told by Her Soldier

GreaterGood.org provides grants to partner organizations to bring back animals bonded with soldiers in war zones to the United States.


“Halo is a 4.5 month-old-female. While out and about where we are located, we saw a house that had a bunch of dogs just running around, scrounging for food. I decided if nothing else, we could take one of the puppies in and give them a better life. When I approached the house owner, he stated that they had too many dogs, which was why the puppies were just left to fend for themselves. 

“I told the homeowner I would like to take one of the puppies. I had seen Halo before; she was a little puppy compared to the others, and her ears, tail, and feet had been butchered. The wounds were still fairly fresh and bleeding, and she could barely walk. 

“At that point, I knew that she was leaving with me, and I was not going to continue to let her stay there living in those conditions. She was very timid around people at first, as if she was expecting to be hit when approached. Once she was with us for a few days, she adjusted fine. She is a smart puppy—the easiest dog I have ever house trained. Now she is full of energy, very friendly, and playful.

Halo staring at her soldier

“She hangs out inside with us, and when we are outside, that’s where she wants to be. Over the past couple months, she has completely become a member of the family. At this point, it would truly be hard to leave her behind, but worse than that would be her having to go back to a horrible lifestyle that I honestly know she would not survive. She is so friendly that she would more than likely be killed by other wild dogs, or be abused by simply trying to show affection to anyone she would see. She deserves better than a life of surviving off of trash.” – Halo’s Soldier

Thanks to a grant from GreaterGood.org, our partner, Puppy Rescue Mission, flew Halo to the U.S. where she reunited with her soldier!

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