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Finding the Joy of Reading

Across the country, many kids find themselves in “book deserts;” neighborhoods and school systems so severely devoid of books and other reading materials that, without intervention, the cycle of illiteracy stands little chance of being broken. Kids Need to Read is a program combatting this by providing reading resources nationwide to children living in low socioeconomic, rural, or disaster areas. The program often responds to request for books from schools, libraries, reservations, and shelters, among other agencies.

Thanks to your donations, GreaterGood.org was able to grant Kids Need to Read enough money for 21,131 new books!

So far, books from this donation have been reached over 2,500 children around the country and there are still many more books to distribute over the course of the upcoming 2019–2020 school year.

Some of these kids were students in Mesa, Arizona who enjoyed a delightful afternoon reading donated books and Highlights magazines. Many of the children were clearly avid readers and very excited to learn they could indeed keep their literary treasures.

The librarian explained that many of the students were not able to afford books of their own and that many had not had the opportunity to learn what reading had to offer. In fact, during the event, two students turned down the donations until they had the chance to see what the reading material had to offer.

Altogether, 600 children received books during the school-wide book giveaway.

“Your efforts to connect our kiddos with great materials is fantastic for our families. They get so excited to get items of their very own. They light up every time,” said, Alex Macdonald, Principal, Edison Elementary School.

Kids Need to Read also visited two elementary schools in the Dysart School District to present Storybook Adventures. The program consisted of highly interactive storytime presentations, followed by gifts of brand new books for the children. Each student was given one of the books read during the presentation, another book of their choice, and a Highlights magazine, all to keep for their home libraries.

“My students were SO inspired after the presentation! They were showing EVERYONE their new books,” said Carrie Jasinski, K-3 Reading Coach.

Thanks to our donors, we can continue to provide excitement and smiles that successfully encourage children to discover for themselves the joy of reading and the power of a literate mind.