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Record-Breaking Fires Threaten Amazon Rainforest

Often referred to as the lungs of our planet, the Amazon Rainforest provides 20% of the atmosphere’s oxygen and is home to over three million different species of plants and animals … and it’s on fire.

It has been estimated that in the past three weeks, wildfires have affected approximately 640 million acres of the Amazon. This year, Brazil has seen 80% more wildfires than 2018 and the National Institute for Space Research says that they are burning at the highest rate they’ve recorded in the past six years.

These record-breaking wildfires along with record numbers of deforestation are putting the world’s most biodiverse area in danger. In fact, scientists are worried the rainforest is approaching an “irreversible tipping point.”

Endangered species like the pygmy three-toed and maned sloth, the giant otter, and the white-bellied spider monkey, could be pushed to extinction by the destruction of their unique ecosystem.

The best way to combat all this destruction is proactively defending the land from harmful logging and agricultural practices through legal preservation efforts.

However, hundreds of indigenous communities, who traditionally occupy and protect the Amazon, have no recognized ownership rights to their lands. Without the titles to their territories, native communities have no legal tools to defend their lands.

To address this, GreaterGood.org has partnered with Rainforest Trust to help 220 indigenous communities gain legal protection over their land so they can fight back and preserve a critical area of 6 million acres currently at risk. When these communities are empowered to safeguard their home against deforestation, endangered species are protected for generations to come.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most crucial and vibrant ecosystems on Earth, but without our protection, it could disappear forever.

You can help. Donate $1 to protect 1 acre of land here.