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Smokey the Soldier

Smokey was the runt of the litter, abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself. A potential adopter was deployed in the Middle East, feeling homesick. Their lives would come together for a happy ending for all.

Thanks to a grant from funded by the community, Smokey was one of four pups transported stateside by Puppy Rescue Mission to their forever home.

Puppy Rescue Mission (PRM) works to bring home the ‘battle buddies’ of military men and women deployed overseas.

When Smokey came across the military base, he quickly worked his puppy charms and became the Entry Control Point (ECP) dog. He enjoyed helping lift the gates and sniffing people who enter the compound.

He was a sweet boy who desperately needed a bath and a warm bed to sleep on. Getting to see him every day was a sunny spot in an otherwise dusty place.

“This is my first deployment in a unique, often stressful job, and Smokey makes me (and my teammates!) feel a little less homesick,” said the soldier looking to give Smokey a forever home, “I’d like to take care of him, so he isn’t abandoned yet again.”

If not for this soldier, Smokey might have stayed behind in a war-torn country, alone. Thanks to donors like you, organizations like PRM, and soldiers like this, that’s not the case and Smokey is safe and sound.

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