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Cat Pawsitive Spring 2020 Open for Enrollment

Ready to change the way your team cares for cats? Ready to save more lives by improving cats’ quality of life at your shelter or rescue?

It’s time to apply for the Spring 2020 semester of Cat Pawsitive and Cat Pawsitive Pro, a program from GreaterGood.org’s Jackson Galaxy Project!

Cats who are facing big life changes, lose their mojo, their confidence, their essential “catitude.” When suddenly placed in a noisy shelter or unfamiliar foster home, even the most outgoing and friendly cats can become nervous, shut down, overstimulated, or even just plain bored. And these issues can make them seem less “adoptable.”

In his hit TV show, “My Cat From Hell,” Jackson Galaxy teaches cat guardians that a mentally stimulated and active cat is a much more happy cat. And that’s where Cat Pawsitive comes in.

Cat Pawsitive is our exclusive introductory behavior training program for cats in rescues and shelters. By participating in Cat Pawsitive, your organization will get a strong foundation in the basics of cat behavior training so that you can:

  • Maintain and improve cat adoptability
  • Increase overall cat adoptions
  • Decrease expected length of stay in foster homes and shelters
  • Empower staff and volunteers to engage with cats in new ways that enhance the cat-human bond
  • Help improve cats’ mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing
  • Show potential adopters that cats are cool and, yes, can be trained!

The focus of Cat Pawsitive training:

  • “Adoptable” cats (specifically, working to keep them that way!)
  • Cats with challenges such as overstimulation, trouble adjusting to the shelter, signs of low-to-medium levels of stress
  • Traditionally overlooked cats, such as senior cats, cats who’ve been at the shelter for a long time, cats with chronic but treatable medical conditions that might keep them from standing out, and more

The emphasis is on fun, positive-reinforcement-based training sessions that go beyond playtime-as-usual to help cats maintain their mojo and connect more quickly with caregivers and potential adopters. Your team will find that even something as simple as high-fives can save lives!

Of course, Cat Pawsitive does require commitment and hard work, but we know that the benefits for your cats (and your staff and volunteers) can be endless.


To apply for the Spring 2020 semester of Cat Pawsitive OR Cat Pawsitive Pro:

  • Beginning on September 3rd, please visit Foundant, our grant management portal at http://bit.ly/GreaterGoodGrants
    • (If your organization doesn’t already have a GreaterGood.org Foundant account, you will need to click “Create New Account,” and fill out the required form that includes contact info, address, EIN, etc.)
  • Once you have your account set up, please log into Foundant and click “Apply” on the upper left of the page (near the home icon).
  • In the “Access Code” box at the top right of the page, type CPCPP2020 and hit click “enter code.” This will bring up the “Cat Pawsitive 2020 Application, The Jackson Galaxy Project” option.
  • Click the blue “Apply” button.

The deadline to apply is September 30, 2019!

To learn more about Cat Pawsitive, please check our website or email us at catpawsitive@greatergood.org