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Protecting the K9s that Protect Us

Eighteen years ago, the nation witnessed one of the largest terrorist attacks in modern history. After the first reports of the Sept. 11 attacks, thousands of rescue workers made their way to the World Trade Center, including more than 300 dogs.

From search & rescue dogs to active K9s, these amazing dogs searched the rubble of Ground Zero tirelessly for weeks, saving hundreds of lives.

Today, GreaterGood.org supports organizations like Spike’s K9 Fund to protect working dogs around the country and overseas and give them the thanks they deserve.

Officer Oreja of Pittsburg Police Department in California works with K9 Kyra who not only does patrol work but is also trained as an explosives detection dog. This is a job that comes with certain dangers and thanks to Spike’s K9 Fund, dogs like Kyra can get protective vests.

Officer Oreja & K9 Kyra Ready for Duty

“I work in a high crime, heavy gang, and drug populated area. Therefore, a lot of the people we come in contact with could potentially be armed. I wear a ballistic vest every day and it is only right that my 4 legged partner wears one too,” Oreja said. “She served overseas as a prior military K9 so it is our duty to keep her safe in the next chapter of her career.”

K9 Jerry at his local high school prom

However, it’s more than protective vests.

K9 Jerry is a dual-purpose K9 at the Paynesville Police Department in Minnesota. Jerry is certified in Patrol, Narcotics, Tracking, Apprehension, and Article Search. Jerry’s partner is Officer Thomas (Tom) Fread and together they are Tom and Jerry to the community children.

Jerry’s job can be grueling and overheating can happen easily. Thanks to donations, Jerry received a heat alarm that alerts his handler when things are little too hot to handle.

These are just two of many stories of the brave K9s we’re able to help and we couldn’t do it without your help.

Consider donating today.