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Thanks to your donations, this past year has made great strides toward breast cancer prevention and treatment for women in need across the United States and improvished countries like Sierra Leone.

Our team has been able to assist over 1,000 women with early detection assistance and has donated over $185,000 to provide mammograms to women who are under/non-insured.

We have also partnered with Thinking Pink to bring these types of services to Sierra Leone where only one mammogram machine is available. Thinking Pink’s presence in the country has been very important to women like Melrose.

Melrose is a 29-year-old student who didn’t know much about breast cancer. After ignoring a growing lump on her breast for a whole year, she stumbled upon a Thinking Pink screening booth at her local Market. A nurse recommended a follow-up at a nearby Thinking Pink clinic, where Melrose was diagnosed with “breast lump & mastitis of the left breast” which would require a biopsy as soon as possible. Thanks to funding from, Melrose’s lumpectomy was covered as well as her pain medication and antibiotics and the biopsy declared the growth not malignant.

Yamide is a breast cancer survivor who we were also able to help. At 48 years old, Yamide began to experience excruciating breast pain and sleepless nights. When she first noticed a rash, her husband took her to a herbalist rather than a hospital.

Luckily, she heard a Thinking Pink radio ad while she was at home and recognized the symptoms she was experiencing. “I woke up early the next morning and visited the clinic and was diagnosed by Dr. Boima with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.”

Thanks to Thinking Pink and, Yamide was able to afford a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

“[] thank you for saving my life…. Thank you also to Thinking Pink for your hard work in teaching the general public about the realities of Breast Cancer,” Yamide said.