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A Peaceful Life for Toby

Toby showed up at A Better Life – Peace Love and Animals rescue as a stray. He had chewed part of his tail off and was diagnosed with neurological issues that result in partial vision and frequent seizures.

He had lots of testing to try to determine the cause of his ailing and the best course of treatment. Thanks to your donations, vets at the rescue were able to help Toby. Once diagnosed, he was put on medication and his tail was amputated so he didn’t hurt himself further.

Today, Toby still has the occasional seizure, but he can go months without one. Daily medication will keep these under control and help him live a close to normal life.

Toby is a 10-year-old, domestic shorthair cat with beautiful blue eyes. He’s very sweet, loves to eat, wants to be loved, and is still waiting for his forever family.