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Bela: A Survivor’s Story

Bela before treatment. Her injuries were so graphic that we had no choice but to blur them out.

Bela’s story started in Brazil where she and her littermates were victims of a malicious prank involving fireworks. Sadly, Bela was the only surviving puppy, but she was in bad shape. The Amigos Protetores dos Animals de Picos (APAPI PICOS) took her in.

Bela’s face was badly disfigured due to her injuries and needed multiple surgeries in addition to the emergency care she received after being saved by APAPI PICOS. But Bela was strong and determined to keep going.

Thanks to your donations, Bela’s first of multiple surgeries was a success! She is no longer in pain and has been making friends in her foster home.

She’s been coming into her own and has been a lot more vocal, playful and social, not to mention naughty! Bela has been known to rip one or two of her home’s items into shreds, including a fan during a heatwave! Her family loves her all the same.

Although she still has a few surgeries and physical therapy in her future, Bela is already thriving and it’s all thanks to donors like you.