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Bentley’s New Family

This summer, participated in Clear The Shelters Day, an initiative spearheaded by NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations across the country. Close to 2,000 shelters/rescues offered reduced/waived pet adoption fees on August 17.

Our team visited three of those shelters to present them with $10,000 grants each and give a special kennel makeover to their longest pet residents. That’s how we met Bentley!

Hi, I’m Bentley. Welcome to my crib!

Bentley is a 7-year-old American Bulldog who had been at Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia for over two years, making him the shelter’s longest resident.

Kayla Dorney, Behavior & Enrichment Supervisor at PSPCA, was there through all of Bentley’s stay.

“Granted, I don’t spend 3 years with a dog normally, so we had a little bit of extra time with [Bentley] specifically,” Dorney said. “You grow to love them, you grow to bond with them, and they become of your own.”

Bentley was featured every Tuesday on the PSPCA’s social media accounts for #TuesdayswithBentley, where he had the starring role. However, it wasn’t until his local news debut that his future parents, Britney and Doug, heard about him.

The Office – featuring Bentley

If you’re STILL looking for a reason to donate to the PSPCA Lancaster Center during the Extraordinary Give, how about the fact that we go to all lengths to find homes for our animals – including creating hilarious parody videos. Here is Bentley, as the newest employee of the office. If you can, donate now:

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center on Friday, November 16, 2018

“It’s like a feeling in your gut that you’re just like ‘I feel like I need to go see this dog’ … and I feel like everything happens for a reason and there was a reason my husband and I saw that story,” Britney said about meeting Bentley for the first time.

Curious to see why a dog would be in a shelter so long, Britney and her husband visited PSPCA. Bentley is almost 100 pounds and is shy around strangers, but Britney says she felt an immediate connection as soon as they met him.

Today, Bentley is enjoying life with his new parents and sister, Butters. The two get along perfectly and even though it’s been work adjusting to a brand new family, Bentley has been bringing nothing but happiness into his new home.

“I think they genuinely make our day better.”

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