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Halloween Is Going to the Dogs (& Cats!)

Every Halloween, we dress up as our favorite pop culture icon, the latest Disney princess, or the latest Joker iteration. But why should the humans have all the fun?

At GreaterGood.org we believe when you adopt a pet, they become a part of your family and part of your family’s fun! This year, include them in your festivities. Many pets love dressing up—they’ll wag their tail, purr, or even relax in their costume.

If your pet is one of these animals who love a good disguise, we have compiled a few of our favorite ideas for you!

Remember that your pet’s health is more important than cute pictures, so if they look stressed or uncomfortable, leave the costumes to the humans.

Your Favorite Plush Animals

📷@mochiandduke / Instagram

This idea is simple, minimally intrusive, and oh-so cute! All you need is some card or foam board, scissors, and a collar!

This Cat’s the Bee’s Knees!

📷@mallowcatandcompany / Instagram

Your cat can be the talk of the hive in a cute bumblebee costume.

Get Witchy With It

📷@juniperfoxx / Instagram

Witches get a bad rep, but they sure have style!


📷@cody_poodle_roo / Instagram

A classic bow tie paired with a lab coat (or a white button-down shirt 😉) can turn any pup into Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Pika Pika!

📷@heymeylynn / Instagram

Get in on the cuteness too! Make it a couples’ costume like this Ash & Pikachu duo.

The PINEapple of Our Eyes

Prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside!


📷@mallowcatandcompany / Instagram

Six caterpillar legs, two antennae, one cute kitty!

Small Puppuccino to Go!

Easy to make, all you need is some cardboard and for small dogs, a regular coffee lid as a hat will do the trick! Have a favorite local coffee shop? Use their logo instead!

Squad Gourds

📷@prissy_pig / Instagram

Go all out for the season and pumpkin spice up your best friend!

Your Favorite Pawp Culture Character

📷@waffles_the_cat / Instagram

A cat in a wig? We have seen … stranger things.

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