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Brave K9s Thrive on Duty

Imagine you are in the US Military. You’re in a new and difficult part of the world, fighting terrorists. A K9 is part of your team and you value them like family. Unfortunately, the US Military hasn’t budgeted for the proper equipment for them, leaving them in danger… That is the reality for many soldiers and their K9 counterparts.

All soldiers want their K9 to have the best chance to survive a dangerous deployment and be able to do their job efficiently. Thanks to your donations and Spike’s K9 Fund, K9s have received the equipment they need to continue defending our country alongside the soldiers overseas. The equipment, including vests, are protecting dogs like Luna, Peet, and Friday.

K9 Luna is a Special Operations Team member of the US Army who just received her new vest in time for deployment. Once on duty, she will work primarily in explosives detection and assault/interdiction.

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K9 Peet and Friday are also a Special Operations Team member of the US Army. Peet has been with his team for about a year and this is his first deployment overseas with this team. He works primarily in explosives detection and patrol. Peet has already found multiple IEDs and even led his team to a tunnel filled with weapons. Friday is also serving overseas and has found his share of IEDs.

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Their new gear will allow the K9s to be more effective at their job, while also keeping them safe when repelling from buildings and helicopters. In addition, these purchases give each handler more confidence for their deployment, knowing their partners will have the best gear to carry out each mission.