Keeping Stray Kitties Warm

More than 60 million homeless cats roam the U.S, looking for a place to keep warm this season. As we’ve all heard—”If you’re cold, they’re cold.” But can one person make a difference? We like to think so!

The GreaterGood.org team has a few tips for you to ensure cats stay safe and comfortable during the winter season.

Provide shelter

Give cats a place to go and be safe from snow, wind, and other winter elements. While pet supply stores may have a few options you can buy, you can always build your own, making sure that the shelter is insulated and comfortable.

Build a feeding station

During the cold months, food and water become more difficult to find. Including a simple feeding station in your shelter will help keep cats well-hydrated and fed.

If temperatures are too low, we recommend heated bowls to keep feed and water from freezing.

Keep your eyes open

Before you turn your car on, look behind tires, beneath the tire hoods, and under your hood, in case any kitten has been using your car as shelter.

Keep a Safe Environment

When clearing snow, avoid using salt or chemical melting products as they can be lethal when licked off paws or ingested.

The same goes for any antifreeze you may keep at home. Animals love the taste of antifreeze, including cats, so make sure to clean up any spills and safely store the rest.

Through our Rescue Bank and Rescue Rebuild programs, we work to ensure these homeless cats find temporary comfort and a forever home. Consider making a donation today.