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Last-minute Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

The holidays have officially started! Still have a few last-minute gifts to get for those hard-to-buy-for people? We’ve got you covered! This season, give a gift of hope.

Make a donation in their name and receive a beautiful personalized e-card* you can send to your loved ones, showing the impact you made in their name.

There’s a cause for everyone on your list:

For Pet Lovers

Save a Life

Imagine you are a cat recently surrendered to an animal shelter. It’s loud, chaotic, and there are sights and smells and animals that you don’t recognize. Worst of all, your human is long gone. You don’t like it here, but you give up hope on finding a forever home and become depressed, detached, and aggressive toward potential adopters.

Truth is a stressed and withdrawn cat is much less likely to be adopted. Of the approximately 3.4 million cats who arrive at shelters each year, nearly 71% don’t make it out alive.

You can send a life-saving care package to cats in shelters filled with engagement toys, treats, a cat clicker, and so much more to decrease stress, increase engagement, and raise adoption rates!

For just $20, you can send two care packages to two shelter cats in need. Use the donate button below to save innocent lives today!

Fill a Belly

One of the most significant expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding the pets in their care. GreaterGood.org delivers food to shelters and rescues all over the country so they can use their limited budget to care for more animals.

Lulu is a sweet, 7-year-old cutie who was rescued after suffering an awful back injury. Her owners could not provide the care Lulu needed and instead, left her outside, without any food or water. The delay in care resulted in partial paralyzation for Lulu.

A recipient of our Rescue Bank donations, the rescue was able to focus on her medical needs during her expected long-stay with her foster family rather than worrying about budgeting for her special food. Despite all the setbacks, Lulu is still a lively pup and it wouldn’t be possible without YOUR donations.

We need your help this holiday season to feed 1.5 million shelter pets around the country. Just $18 ships 100 pounds of food, providing over 400 meals for shelter pets.

Build a Home for Homeless Pets

Every year, the ASPCA estimates 6.5 million pets enter U.S. animal shelters. Thousands of shelters nationwide are doing their best to provide these animals with safety, comfort, and food as they wait for their forever families. Yet, due to overcrowding, unfit facilities, or lack of funds, 1.5 million animals don’t make it out.

GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild team reconstructs animal shelters from the ground up, working to build whatever the shelter might need—from new play yards for dogs to cat colony spaces or new buildings and fundamental shelter repairs.

Your gift will help Rescue Rebuild transform shelters, improving living spaces for adoptable pets and ensuring that even more will soon find their forever homes!

For the Humanitarians

Empower girls all over the world

Over 130 million girls around the globe don’t have access to a consistent education. Often, the biggest obstacle is poverty. Our Girls’ Voices program provides scholarships and works with a group of incredible young girls to help them develop new skills in digital media, storytelling, and creativity. 

When you donate, you are helping eliminate economic struggles, unite communities, and pave the way for a new reality to exist where all young girls are educated. Just $5 can send a girl to school for a whole week.

Help Those Affected by Disaster

GreaterGood.org is dedicated to being there when it matters—after floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events. Your gift helps us respond when disaster strikes.

Every donation helps GreaterGood.org prepare first response teams as quickly as possible when disaster strikes. Your gift will fund emergency rescue teams, animal shelters, food, supplies, medical care, rebuilding response, and emergency transportation.

Protect a Veteran

Nearly 15% of homeless Americans are veterans. While options like shelters and transitional housing exist to combat the problem, more than a third of all homeless people currently reside in places that are not meant for human habitation, like the street or abandoned buildings. One of the reasons they’re left out in the cold? They have pets.

Most homeless shelters in the country simply cannot accommodate animals and for those who consider their pet a part of their family, there is nowhere for them to go. Rescue Rebuild is working toward changing those statistics by rebuilding shelters across the country to make them pet-friendly.

No pet or veteran should be left behind—or out in the cold. You can help make sure veterans and their animals have a safe home. Just $5 can make a difference. Donate today!

For Planet Protectors

Plant a Tree

Restore beneficial huarango trees in Ica, Peru via www.GreaterGood.org

Trees combat climate change, provide oxygen to breathe, regulate temperature, clean the air, water, and soil, help prevent soil erosion, and provide food and shelter. They are essential to life on earth! Yet humans are destroying an estimated 18 million acres of forest each year, the equivalent of about 36 football fields of trees lost every minute.

With your help, we can plant enough trees to reverse the negative consequences. For just $1, you can plant 1 tree where it is most needed!

Save the Seas

Ocean temperatures have been rising, litter has been piling up, and sea life is dwindling. You can help!

Your donation helps Project Peril work for the conservation of our earth’s oceans and marine life. With your support, we work to support trash cleanups, support conservation and put a stop to illegal fishing practices.

Help Slow Down Extinction

Did you know that humans are just one in more than 1 million species? Yet our existence has marked our planet, leaving many species on the brink of extinction, 30-50% of which might be gone by mid-century.

From feeding millions of bees to transporting animals to sanctuaries, your donation helps our team find the appropriate partners, projects, and tools to help species on the brink of extinction.

This holiday season, give a gift that gives back. See our full catalog here.

* To personalize your e-card, be sure to click on the box under the donation amount that says “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.