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Creating Comfort in “Uncomfortable” Spaces

Shelters are very rarely a source of comfort for pets who just long to be part of a family, and while they carefully budget for food and medical care, they usually don’t have the money to purchase non-essentials. However, these “non-essentials” can make a difference in whether these pets get adopted.

Because shelters are often a stressful environment, pets benefit from comfortable bedding, toys with which to destress with, and supplies that provide enrichment opportunities. This usually leads to a calmer and easier-to-adopt pet.

Thanks to YOUR donations, GreaterGood.org was able to provide the Oktibbeha County Humane Society with these opportunities.


The Kuranda beds were a huge hit among the shelter dogs, especially Lily, who immediately took to the bed. Prior to the donation of Kuranda beds, dogs were sleeping on blankets and towels on the concrete floor.

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As for the shelter cats, they received cat towers! For the more shy cats, they enjoy having a place to hide. Other cats like Jupiter, use it for exploration! She loves going in and out of the tower and perching as she learns about her new surroundings.

The best part of these towers? Once cats are adopted, the new parents can use the towers as carriers to take their new kitties home!


Not only were the donations put to use immediately at the shelter, but this product grant provided immediate cost savings, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thank you!

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