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Leonardo da Vinci – a Masterpiece in Animal Rescue Stories

alt="emaciated dog Leonardo da Vinci"
Leonardo da Vinci Before

The case of Leonardo da Vinci begins like so many animal rescue stories, with irresponsible humans dumping unwanted pets in the countryside, leaving them for dead. A good Samaritan found Leonardo severely emaciated, wandering aimlessly, and covered head to toe in ticks and fleas. One can only imagine the previous life of neglect he endured. Due to his severe flea related hair loss, the team at Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Rescue was amazed that Leonardo was still walking.

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But they saw a light in his eyes and a will to live. So they began the slow recovery of what they would call “our one of a kind work of art.”

alt="starving dog Leonardo da Vinci lying down"
Leonardo before his weight gain and treatments

Food is one of the most vital needs for animal shelters and rescue organizations. It is also their most significant expense. Unfortunately, more money spent on food means less funding for life-saving medical treatments. Thanks to healthy pet food donated by GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, the rescue allocated funds set aside for food to afford Leonardo’s costly medical bills. The donated food allowed Leonardo to put on the weight he needed to fully recover.

alt="Emaciated dog Leonardo da Vinci before and after photo collage"
Before and AFTER!

Shortly after his health returned, Leonardo da Vinci found his perfect forever home with the loveliest family. And Leonardo has become the unofficial mascot of Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Rescue!

“GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank has allowed us to take some of the pressure off of food costs to let us take in more medically needy companions. Knowing that we have this amazing resource puts us at ease. It helps us to know that we can help these companions with a soft bed and a good bowl of food no matter what!” – Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Rescue

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