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The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

This year, the average American will spend $142 on a Valentine’s Day gift for their significant other.

Why not skip the flowers and chocolates this year and give your sweetheart a gift that will keep on giving?!

Our Gifts of Hope are the perfect way to say, “I love you and what matters most to you.” Make a donation in their name and receive a beautiful personalized e-card* you can send.

Gift a Full Belly

One of the most significant expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding the pets in their care. GreaterGood.org delivers food to shelters and rescues all over the country.

Rescue Bank recipients are able to focus on medical needs and other adoption efforts rather than worrying about budgeting for food because of donations. Just an $18 gift ships 100 pounds of food, providing over 400 meals for shelter pets.

Kibble is the best Valentine's Day gift for kitties and puppies.

Give the Gift of Empowerment to a Girl

Over 130 million girls around the globe don’t have access to a consistent education. Often, the biggest obstacle is poverty. Our Girls’ Voices program provides scholarships and works with a group of incredible young girls to help them develop new skills in digital media, storytelling, and creativity.

When you donate, you help pave the way for a new reality where all young girls go to school. A $5 gift can send a girl to school for a whole week. 

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give a girl the gift of education.

Protect the Madrean Sky Islands

The Madrean Sky Islands are a series of 57 isolated mountains that run from Arizona and New Mexico to Northern Mexico. This unique landscape makes this region home to one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world, a region GreaterGood.org aims to explore, observe, and protect.

Our Madrean Discovery Expeditions program brings multinational scientists and students together to study the plants and animals of this incredible region. The world can share, study, and preserve these ecosystems forever because this information is then stored in an open-source database.

A trip to the Madrean Sky Islands would be a romantic Valentine's Day getaway.

Give a Vet a Home

Nearly 15% of homeless Americans are veterans. Shelters and transitional housing exist, but more than a third of all homeless people don’t use them. One of the reasons they’re left out in the cold? They have pets.

Most homeless shelters in the country simply cannot accommodate animals. For those who consider their pet a part of their family, there is nowhere for them to go. Rescue Rebuild is working toward changing those statistics by rebuilding shelters across the country to make them pet-friendly.

The Rescue Rebuild team is happy to be your valentine.

* To personalize your e-card, check the box that says “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.