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7 Reasons We Love our Pets

There’s nothing like getting home after a hard workday and being greeted by your furry friend who thinks you’ve been gone way too long. Tails wagging, happy purring, it’s our favorite! Pets truly are our best friends.

While we may never truly know exactly what our pets are thinking, it’s safe to say that they don’t regard us merely as food dispensers. Pets form strong attachments to their caregivers, they love us and we love them!

This National Love Your Pet Day, a handful of GreaterGood.org team members shared why they love their pets.

“I love Cody because he is the greatest snuggler and adventure buddy … even if he kicks me in the face all night.”—Dafny, Director of Digital Donor Engagement

“As my very best furriend and offishal Purrduction Assistant, Mallow is my catfidant, cuddle bud, and my daily dose of laughter. I just love her so meowch.”—Hannah, Media Marketing Manager


“He’s a very loyal dog but is never afraid to socialize with strangers. His goofy and playful attitude reminds me not to take life too seriously. I love him for the joy he brings me and his new friends every day.”—Sean, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

“I love them because they bring joy to my life and they are almost always down for cuddles.” Marina, Marketing Coordinator

Winchell & Coco

“Meet Winchell and Coco! They provide our family with endless laughs, love, comfort, and playtime. We strive to show them the same! These two cuties are everything to us.”—Jim, Director of Content

“I mean who doesn’t love this little guy?! He’s the best to go on road trips always super adventurous. He’s also a great hiking buddy!”—Lexi, Marketing Coordinator


“Nikolaj is my favorite TV buddy because he loves all the shows. No matter my mood, I know that one look from this guy will make me smile.”—Czarina, Content Coordinator

We know pets are an important part of the family which is why we do so much to protect those pets in shelters waiting for their forever homes. You can help us. Become a Pet Protector!

Why do you love your pet? Share in the comments below or tag us in your pets’ Instagram glamour shots @greatergoodorg.