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Who Will Care for Your Pet? Make a Plan Today

With so much information going around regarding COVID-19, you might be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how it may impact your pet’s life. In fact, you may be asking yourself questions like “Who will take care of my pet if I can’t? Can my pet get the virus? What happens if my pet gets sick?” We get it and you’re not alone.

Veterinarians Dr. Sara Pizano, Dr. Amelia Sikora, and Dr. Elizabeth Berliner are here to help you create a pet emergency preparedness plan to give you peace of mind.

This webinar takes a deep dive into the latest information regarding the transmission of COVID-19, including the risk to your pets, and the latest recommendations for caring for pets that are exposed to COVID-19.

After this webinar, we’re confident you will be ready to make your plan and care for your pet as best you can!