After a Christmas Day House Fire, Baracka Finds a Way partners with PACT for Animals to help them achieve their mission to give peace of mind to hospital patients, military personnel, and others by placing their pets in temporary foster homes until their owners can be reunited with the companion animals they love.

PACT recently told us about Baracka, a dog you helped save.

Baracka and her veteran dad experienced a house fire on Christmas Day. Baracka was alone in the house when the fire started and had to be rescued by neighbors who heard her crying and frantically scratching at the front door as smoke billowed from the broken windows above her. They reached Baracka as first responders were making their way to the front door. Luckily, other than a small amount of smoke inhalation, she escaped the fire without injury.  

Baracka safe outside

“She and her dad had lost everything but each other. Robert (Baracka’s owner) is a veteran and three-time stroke victim who is now partially disabled, only having use of his arm and leg on one side of his body. While Robert’s home is repaired, he and Baracka are now “homeless.” Robert was able to stay with the Red Cross in their housing for two weeks, but they are not capable of housing pets.

“Robert’s family lives hours away in Washington, DC. Since his doctors are in Philadelphia, he is not able to relocate to his sister’s home in DC. Robert has a friend who will let him stay with him for a few months, but unfortunately, he could not bring Baracka. This has left Robert devastated, as Baracka is his best friend and only family member in the area.

“We were contacted by Robert’s sister, Deborah (who lives in DC), begging us to review Baracka’s application and help Robert and Baracka, as they had no other options left. Robert didn’t want to have to surrender his best friend after experiencing such a traumatic event. We agreed to review the application and make a determination based on meeting Baracka and speaking with some of the groups that would be helping Robert rebuild his home. We decided if we accepted Baracka, we would have her seen by a local vet to assess her health and administer some updated vaccines prior to entering our program.

“We met Baracka and instantly LOVED her! She is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. As a six-year-old pup, she likes short walks, snuggling with her people, and resting in her crate. Baracka has been through a lot recently, and we are so glad to have had an awesome foster family who was willing to give her the downtime she needed to decompress and then brighten her days with their love and playfulness. We are so happy to have helped a member of our own community to be able to keep his beloved pet.”

– PACT for Animals