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Cute Kitties to Take the Edge Off

YOUR donations made it possible for to send a large donation of much-needed supplies to Humane Society of West Michigan (HSWM).

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Stephanie Strowbridge, Foster Coordinator for HSWM. This is what she told us:

“But I love you!”

“We are still ‘closed’ due to COVID. However, we have 93 homeless pets in our care currently, and 61 of those are in foster. The foster program for HSWM has never been this large. We have approximately 285 foster caretakers! Some of those persons are able to foster only during the “stay-at-home” time, but I am hoping that we can keep most of them on our foster roster. Several fosters have adopted their foster pet, and many have also learned more about our organization through this time.

“Here I come!”

“When I started as Foster Coordinator, our foster roster was around 30 people. Our program had been struggling for several years. It has been wonderful to be able to build up a strong, supportive network of foster caretakers. I cannot express how much the donation helped us with this. Placing so many shelter pets in foster and providing our fosters with all of their supplies can be a huge strain on the shelter. With the donations, we have been able to keep up with the needs. With that said, I am sharing some kitten photos with you!

“Just gonna take a littl..💤”

“We have 3 litters in foster currently. Today, we are placing 5 puppies into foster who are 1 month old… I will send those photos soon as well. The kittens have been provided with the donated blankets, toys, formula, and BeneBac. We did have one of our smaller kittens experience some constipation and our foster caretaker said that the BeneBac helped so much. :)Please enjoy the kitten photos and THANK YOU for all that you do!”

“I can do it!”