Gorgeous Babies Safely Born Along the Thai/Burmese Border​

GreaterGood.org partners with Mae Tao Clinic on a number of initiatives, including safe births for both mother and child. Along the Thai/Burmese border, infant mortality rates are five times higher and maternal mortality rates are 24 times higher than the rest of Thailand.

alt="mother and daughter at mae tao clinic along the Thai/Burmese Border​"
Khaing and her healthy newborn son
©Mae Tao Clinic

A Long Road

Recently, Khaing delivered her second baby at Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) along the Thai/Burmese Border​. Khaing is originally from Mon State in Burma/Myanmar and has been living in Mae Sot, Thailand, home of MTC, for five years. Back in Burma, her parents worked as subsistence farmers in the rice fields and had difficulties earning sufficient income. Khaing did not have the opportunity to attend school. As the eldest daughter, she was responsible for taking care of her younger siblings while her parents worked. When Khaing turned 15, she started working outside the home and financially supported her parents and siblings. 

The Search for More Opportunity

Regardless of their hard work, the family experienced severe financial struggles. Khaing’s parents decided to move to Thailand in search of job opportunities with more income. After their arrival, Khaing found a job at a factory. Her salary varies based on her working hours. She could choose between two shifts: from 8 am to 10 pm and earn 8,000 THB ($260) per month or from 8 am to 5 pm and make 7,000 THB ($228). Khaing chose the latter.

Building a Family

Khaing met her husband when she was 23 years old. Now they both have work permits, and her husband is also working at a factory. At the beginning of their marriage, Khaing did not know about contraception but did not conceive for a year. One morning she felt sick and visited a nearby clinic where she found out she was pregnant. Her first child was delivered at MTC. 

During her second pregnancy, Khaing experienced similar symptoms and visited MTC to check whether she was pregnant. The clinic’s health workers confirmed that she was expecting and told her she was four months along. Since then, Khaing attended antenatal care at MTC and came when the first signs of labor presented. Luckily, there were no complications during and after the delivery, and her newborn son was born healthy: his birth weight was 3.62 kg (7.98 lbs). 

In Her Own Words

“I am lucky that I can use services provided by Mae Tao Clinic. I would have encountered many difficulties if there was no clinic like MTC. As a matter of fact, I could use the medical service at Thai hospital as I have a work permit but did not dare to use it as I do not speak a word of Thai. I feel more comfortable every time I come to MTC as the health workers are kind, caring, and very supportive.” – Khaing