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5 Ways to Find Your Foster Dog a Forever Home

alt="foster dog in car with human"
“Driver, please take me to my new forever home.”

1. Get the Word out on Social Media

We live in a world where, thanks to the Internet, finding an adopter for your foster dog is easier than ever. Perhaps you post a few photos and funny stories about your beloved foster on Facebook and the aunt of your best friend’s cousin sees that shared post and voilà, forever home!

One reason many dogs never make it out of the shelter is a direct result of poor intake photos. These photos are the first thing people see when looking to adopt. Unfortunately, at the time of intake, animals are terrified and confused, and it shows in the pic. These photos are poorly framed, and some aren’t even in color.

A positive picture of a well-groomed pet means a better chance at adoption. We’ve put these training videos together on how to use best practices when photographing your pup to catch the eye of potential adopters. Don’t worry about using a fancy camera. Most phones these days take incredible photographs.

Once you have a great photo and a quirky, irresistible bio put together, use your social media channels to create posts, and ask your audiences to share them far and wide.

alt="foster dog and tennis ball with man"

2. Use Your Phone to Film an Adorable YouTube Video

Most people are more drawn in by video than other mediums. Use your phone to put together a highlight reel of your foster dog playing, snuggling, running, jumping—anything positive to grab an adopter’s attention. Next, post the video to your YouTube channel (and other social media) with all the necessary info. Finally, sit back and wait for the adopters to line up. Don’t have a YouTube channel? Click here for three quick steps on creating one.

alt="dog ready for forever home"
“I’m going home with you? Hooray!”

3. Deck Your Foster Dog out With “Adopt Me” Accessories

The goal here is to get as many eyes on your foster as possible, so when you take her out for a walk, use a leash cover that says “adopt me!” or “available for adoption.” This type of advertising can also be found on dog bandanas, doggie shirts, and pretty much everything a dog can sport. Make sure the message is in an easy to read place and be ready to field any questions about your foster bestie while out and about. 

alt="running pet overjoyed"

4. Create an Irresistible Bio

What are your foster dog’s best traits? Is she a lover? Does she make you laugh nonstop? Create a bio that speaks to her strengths. It’s all about getting the adopter to meet your foster, because once they do, of course they won’t be able to resist! Next, use your bio for step 5 (and/or step 1)!

alt="animal adopted"
“You found me! I’ve been waiting! Let’s play FOREVER!”

5. Make Flyers and Post Them on Message Boards Around Town

Combine step 4 with the fantastic photo(s) you snapped of your pup to create flyers that no dog lover can resist. Get these flyers up on message boards (or in the windows if allowed) at coffee shops, restaurants, bars, et cetera.

Before you know it, the foster dog you saved will find her forever home and live a long and happy life thanks to your efforts and big heart. ❤️