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Haitian School Jumpstarting Bright Futures

Progressive Haitian Education

Since its founding in 2014, the Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC) in Haiti has blazed a progressive education trail. MCLC uses democratic hands-on schooling radically different from a traditional Haitian school: corporal punishment is banned; agriculture integrates into the curriculum; and students learn in their mother tongue. The school provides breakfast and an on-hand nurse. MCLC students have distinguished themselves with extremely high national exam pass rates.


Recent MCLC graduate, Louiseda Sumé, says, “I made my family proud, my school community proud and myself proud.”

alt="girl at haitian school"
Louiseda Sumé
©Matènwa Community Learning Center

A thoughtful and grounded student, Louiseda felt crushed when she learned she didn’t pass the national exams on her first try. However, she didn’t let that stop her. As the eldest of four, she was determined to receive her certificate. Now that Louiseda has officially completed her secondary education, she would like to study French, English and computer science. “I also want to help give back to people in my community,” she says.

alt="young man at haitian school"
Cequère with table
©Matènwa Community Learning Center

Self-Expression, Hard Work, Transformation

Cequère is a tenth grader at MCLC. He loves making benches and tables. Cequère feels that woodworking has transformed his educational journey. Since realizing that he uses skills learned in the classroom to visualize, plan, measure, cut and assemble, he has become more focused and invested. He comes early and leaves late for extra time in the studio. Cequère found his passion and a form of self-expression. This dedication to his craft inspires his fellow students.

Your support opens MCLC’s doors to students like Louiseda and Cequère. It provides them with textbooks and school supplies. It also covers teacher pay and training, which allows them to succeed in their communities and the world. Thank you!