Protecting the Giraffe One Book at a Time

GreaterGood.org’s Project Peril program works to conserve species identified as in peril, threatened, endangered or close to extinction by partnering with organizations like Wild Nature Institute (WNI) to protect the giraffe and other animals in Africa.

alt="girl student with giraffe book"
©Wild Nature Institute

A Giraffe in the Backyard

Children in areas where WNI scientists conduct giraffe conservation research are learning about their national animal as giraffe populations dwindle. WNI is implementing a program to objectively assess how this educational effort is affecting knowledge, perceptions and behaviors. Children fill out a questionnaire before and after the program.

WNI statistically analyzes how their program influences perceptions about giraffes and the intended actions of children living with giraffes in their backyards. So far, 312 children from six primary schools have completed the “before” and “after” questionnaires. This process is ongoing and part of a longer-term monitoring program.

alt="students with giraffe books"
©Wild Nature Institute

Africa’s Giants

Giraffes, elephants and rhinoceroses are Africa’s giants. These large mammals play critical ecological roles where they live. Sadly, their numbers have plummeted due to human conflict. Through this program, WNI developed innovative educational materials and activities for children in Tanzania. The materials use Africa’s giants like the giraffe to teach biology, geography, science, math, language skills, art and conservation.

Thanks to your donations, WNI distributed giraffe-themed educational materials to children throughout the Tarangire region of northern Tanzania, western Serengeti and Arusha. The program has trained more than 200 teachers in Tanzania and reached over 25,000 school children across the country.

Any effort to mold young minds toward conservation will pay dividends when these youth come of age. In the meantime, teaching these children about endangered species helps spread the word in the community that these animals need our protection.