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Two Pet Matches Made in Heaven partners with Vets for Pets to help match veterans with pets saved from unpleasant circumstances. Thanks to YOUR support, we were able to make perfectly paired pet matches.

A Reason to Live

Cody went through a lot during his four years in the Army. After an honorable discharge, he entered civilian life with multiple injuries, severe PTSD and anxiety disorder. He struggled to keep a job and find housing and had no support from friends and family. Cody was spiraling into a dark, dark place.

Finally, along came Bailey. It was love at first sight. Bailey and Cody have changed each other’s lives for the better. Side by side, they care for each other, and Cody plans to get Bailey certified as a service dog.

Cody and Bailey, the perfect pet match
Love at first sight ❤️

Cody stated, “She’s the child I never had, a reason to live, my world…I want my love bug to go everywhere with me, knowing she’s ok and for her to know I’m alive and well, not having a panic attack with her by my side.”

She’s his big baby, and they’ll share many loving years together.

The Perfect Fit

Stephen is a Navy Veteran who was looking for a family companion. He, his wife and young son needed a dog with a gentle temperament, good with children. And finding just the right one was important, as Stephen is highly allergic to dogs.

After one mismatch—trainers sent a blanket the pup had lain on and Stephen found he was allergic—Stephen and his family met Toby. This labradoodle was discarded from a puppy mill when young because he wasn’t “cute enough” to be adopted, and ended up at a shelter. After some time with Pets for Vets, he found his forever home with Stephen and his family. There are no allergies, and Toby already has a special spot on the family couch!

Stephen and Toby happy together
Stephen and Toby bonding

Thank you for helping make these perfect pet matches possible!