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A Home and Hope for Saw Law La Say

Little Saw Law La Say has lived at the Noe Thay Plo Boarding House since he was three. His mother passed away, and his father struggles with his mental health, so Saw Law La went to live with his grandfather. When his grandfather’s age and low income made caring for the boy difficult, he sent him to the boarding house. Thanks to your support, here lay a home and hope for a better life and education.

Saw Law La Say singing with friends
Saw Law La Say singing with friends 🎶

Keeping Children Safe

Noe Thay Plo Boarding House, near the Thai/Burmese border, is run by the Coordination Team for Displaced Children’s Education and Protection (CTDCEP). As this area grows and develops and movement across the border increases, threats to child safety grow as well.

Fortunately, CTDCEP is devoted to protecting migrant children from child labor and trafficking. The team works to provide them with food, shelter, education and guidance. With the help of your donations, CTDCEP has established 23 boarding houses, including Noe Thay Plo, and has fed 1,800 children, including little Saw Law La Say.

A Bright Future for Saw Law La Say

With his new home and hope, Saw Law La is growing and learning happily, thanks to the caring boarding house staff and his older brothers and sisters. He goes to school and can focus on his lessons, knowing he is safe and will not go hungry. Saw Law La has the special talent of a sweet and beautiful voice. He wants to be a general in the army when he grows up!

Saw Law La and his buddy cheesin
Saw Law La and his buddy cheesing 😁