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How Eggs Help Hundreds in Haiti

In Haiti, as in many developing countries, children’s diets consist primarily of plant-based foods. Financial, educational and social constraints highly limit access to animal proteins. That’s why partners with the KORE Foundation to add egg production to its Smallholder Poultry project, providing economic security for farmers while offering animal protein intervention to over 8,000 at-risk children in Haiti.

Eggs for Education

Since the project began in September of 2018, 15 families have started their layer (egg) production business. Institute Edeline is one school that receives eggs from the program for over 300 students each year. Steph Hoffman, the school’s director, stated: 

eggs help families

It has really been amazing in such a short amount of time. The students are all getting a hard-boiled egg when they arrive, and this is really showing drastic changes already. Many of the kids usually arrive very lethargic, and in the past we would give them some small crackers and then they were off to class. But they were still falling asleep in the morning classes.  

eggs help students

“Now (since the morning eggs) they appear alert, and one teacher said last week she had all eyes open in her first-grade class. The rest of the eggs are being mixed into their lunch meal, and I’m sure this is making a difference also, but we will watch for more objective changes as time goes on.

Family Farmers

While the eggs help hungry kids, their production also helps the new egg farmers. Until this source of income, many of these people struggled to support their families. One of these is Auguste Marie Marthe, married with eight children. She uses profits from the eggs to pay for her childrens’ education, and says, “I consider this project like a gift from God to help me face the poverty in Haiti.”

Thank YOU for your donations to this project! They’ve gone toward the materials and building of coops, training for new farmers and more!