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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Golden Retrievers

They’re friendly, smart, and glossy; we know them from Homeward Bound, You’ve Got Mail, Airbudand countless other movies and TV shows; Golden Retrievers are the exuberant family dogs we love dearly. Here are five facts you may not know about this devoted breed.

running Golden

1. Goldens hale from Scotland

These dogs were initially bred near Glen Affric in Scotland in the mid-19th century. Breeders crossed water spaniels with existing retrievers to create a breed that could perform best in wildfowl hunting. The Scottish elite needed dogs that could retrieve game from land and water, given the marshy hunting grounds.

swimming Golden Retriever
A true water dog

2. There are actually three types of Goldens

Due to their widespread popularity, some regional distinctions have arisen in the breed. There are British, American, and Canadian Goldens. British Goldens are more muscular in the forequarters than the other types, generally with lighter coats and rounder eyes. American Goldens tend to be lankier and a darker lustrous gold in shade. Canadian Goldens have thinner coats and stand taller than the other types.

Different types of Golden Retrievers
Different types of Goldens

3. They have baby soft mouths

Given their origins, it makes sense that a Golden Retriever can carry a raw egg in its mouth without breaking it. A soft mouth is important in a dog tasked with retrieving its master’s hunting trophies. Game full of bite marks is damaged goods.

Golden carrying hunted duck
On the hunt

4. They can search and rescue with the best of ‘em

Goldens have excellent sniffers, but this alone doesn’t qualify them as top-notch search and rescue dogs. Their hunting skills and killer instincts add to their qualifications, but what puts them over the edge is their obedience, energy, and above all, a deep need to please their owners. Goldens can be invaluable when it comes to mass casualty events, natural disasters, wilderness tracking, and locating missing people.

Golden Retrievers love tracking

5. They’re all about the pack

Golden Retrievers are known to be wonderful family pets — this is because they’re very pack-oriented. Bred throughout the years to be companions, eager to please in any service or friendship capacity, they’re extremely forgiving animals. You must include your Golden in any and all family activities!

Golden with its family
All about the pack 🙂