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A Chain-Free Life for Dogs

Fences for Fido works to protect dogs from inhumane lives at the end of a chain. They do so by building fenced yards that allow dogs to move comfortably, by providing insulated dog houses, offering access to essential spay/neuter surgeries, and providing emergency veterinary care, all at no cost to those they serve. With the help of over 1,000 volunteers, they have unchained over 2,200 dogs to date. They could not create a chain-free life for dogs without the support of donors like you!

Bowser, Cali, Archie and the Fences for Fido team
Bowser, Cali, Archie and the Fences for Fido team

A Perfect Storm of Need for a Fence

Fences for Fido heard from a rural Washington State family requesting a fence build for their three dogs, Bowser, Cali, and Archie. Bowser is a Golden Retriever/Basset Hound mix prone to chasing and following his nose. Cali is a Boxer/Pitbull mix, extremely high energy, who struggles to be indoors for very long. Archie is a Chihuahua whose now-guardian found him in a box on the side of a busy road. He was starving and near death when found, but his guardian rehabilitated him.

Unfortunately, all three dogs chased vehicles when outside. Bowser had recently been hit by a car when his guardian applied for a fence. She worried about the dogs being harmed or killed, so began chaining them up outside for 12 or more hours daily while she was at work.

For Bowser, Archie, and Cali, chaining meant they could access the bathroom easily. But it also meant most of their waking hours were spent frustrated and partially isolated from each other on the end of a chain.

Safe, Free, and Happy

Fences for Fido decided to build a fence for Bowser, Cali, and Archie just a few days later to ensure they could run and play freely, safe from car traffic, without the frustration of being on chains. A team of seven Fences for Fido volunteers built these three dogs a fence.