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A Perilous Elephant Rescue

the two elephants, Mae Koy and Maliwan
Mae Koy and Maliwan

Earlier this year, Elephant Nature Park in Thailand received information about two elephants in desperate need of help on Koh Chang island. Both were reported to be malnourished and one was 15 months pregnant. Many elephants are suffering in Thailand due to the COVID-19 crisis, as owners struggle to adequately care for them with the decline in tourism. 

The ENP team immediately scrambled to help the elephants despite the COVID risks.  

On arrival at the camp they found the two female elephants, Mae Koy (50 years old), and Maliwan (37 years old, 15 months pregnant) malnourished and in urgent need of rescue. Elephant Nature Park’s founder was able to convince their owner that the park was the best place for the elephants to receive the specialist care and treatment they desperately needed. 

The owner agreed and the team immediately set up the rescue to ENP. No elephant rescue is without its challenges, but this rescue was fraught with new challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions across the country. 

An elephant on the truck, ready for rescue
On the truck and headed for a better home

As soon as the team received permission to transport the two elephants across the country, Mae Koy and Maliwan were loaded into the rescue trucks and began their 1,000-km journey to freedom! 

This elephant rescue wasn't easy, with inclement weather
This elephant rescue wasn’t easy

They crossed the ocean by ferry from Koh Chang to the mainland, then began the long journey by road to Chiang Mai. The journey halted to observe the COVID curfew between 11pm and 3am. They then went on, arriving at Elephant Nature Park after 30+ hours of travel. 

an elephant getting off the truck
First steps into a new home
Mae Koy and Maliwan thriving at Elephant Nature Park
Mae Koy and Maliwan now thrive at ENP

Maliwan and Mae Koy both travelled well, as if they knew a better life was waiting! 

Now, they are able to relax and enjoy abundant food with good variety, and a chain-free life. All thanks to your support. Learn more about their rescue journey in this video!