A Holiday Miracle

Holiday (pictured above) survived a long 4 years on the streets of Miami. During that time, she endured childbirth, almost dying due to complications. Luckily, the team at Helping Animals Live and Overcome (HALO) Rescue gave Holiday a temporary home, and thanks to YOUR donations, she was able to get the surgery she needed to survive.

Holiday has recovered entirely from her surgery, despite a subsequent blood clot rupture, and has a fantastic quality of life. In fact, Holiday has since found a home and gone through a beautiful transformation! Now known as Penelope, she has three cat siblings and one 4-year-old human sister whom she loves so much. 

The adoption was the perfect fit because, despite all the struggles in her life, Penelope has always been a sweet, laid back dog happy to make friends. 

Penelope’s mom, Eroica, said that she settled into her new home and life quickly and enjoys going on weekend trips to her new family’s cabin. She loves hiking, playing with her human, and bringing joy just as her old namesake.

This holiday miracle couldn’t have happened without your generous donations and steadfast support. 

“Thank you simply doesn’t feel like enough but all of us at H.A.L.O. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

The H.A.L.O Team

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