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Monday, December 3

When You Choose to Give This Holiday Season, Give Where It Matters™

With so many nonprofits to choose from, what makes one different from the other? Which one will have the most impact on the world following your donation? It is true that not all nonprofits are created equal. When you give to, you Give Where It Matters™. What follows is a short summary of why you should choose this giving season:

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Tuesday, April 24

The Power of Play for Children With Autism

Symptoms of autism include difficulty processing sensory information like textures, sounds, smells, tastes, light, and movement. This can make ordinary situations feel overwhelming for children with autism. This is where learning-through-play is so important. Brynjar’s story is just one example of the importance of mind-stimulating play sessions. He gained confidence in himself after building something with his hands. He is now able to communicate better with the outside world. Play sessions also help children develop fine and gross motor skills, visual tracking, hand/eye coordination, as well as socialization and cooperation with others.

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Tuesday, April 3

How to Celebrate National Autism Awareness Month

Although National Autism Awareness Month ends on April 30th, your support doesn’t have to! Keep supporting people with autism all year long by making your donation a reoccurring monthly gift by clicking “Make this a Monthly Gift” box when selecting your donation.

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Thursday, February 22

Give a Child With Autism a Voice for the First Time

“The National Autism Association Give a Voice program has enhanced Owen's life beyond measure. While he is still limited in his verbal abilities, his access to communication has opened the world for him. Utilizing this tool has been life changing. Owen's overall experience in this world has become a brighter one. With the ability to communicate, he is less frustrated and happier overall.  There aren't enough words to express the importance of what this program provides." 

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Monday, August 21

Three Days Was All It Took for Autism Mom to Start Seeing Improvements in Her Son!

And it’s thanks to people like you that this was made possible! Kids with autism are amazing — and their unique needs and behaviors offer real challenges for their families. Unfortunately, many families find it a struggle to bridge the gap between the benefits gained in a therapeutic setting and daily life in the home. Support for these families is essential, and you can help. Your caring contribution helps provide this exceptional support for a family living with autism.

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Thursday, March 9

Help Protect Children with Autism

Autism comes in a variety […]

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