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Monday, March 29

Oregon Humane Continues to Spread GOOD!

Barry Manilow came to Oregon Humane as a rescue from a hoarding case. He suffered from extreme pododermatitis, commonly known as “pillow foot.” It was obvious he'd been living in unsanitary conditions because his paw pads were swollen, raw and bloody.

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Monday, February 1

Luna Lands on Her Feet

More people working from home during COVID-19 means more pets are being fostered or adopted. Read the story of Luna, one of the pets on board our Paws Across the Pacific rescue flight, who found her forever home in Idaho!

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Wednesday, November 4

Clear the Shelters Goes Virtual, Helps 130,000 Pets Find New Homes

For the second year in a row, Greater Good Charities teamed up with NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations for the nationwide pet adoption drive Clear the Shelters. This was the 6th year for the event.

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Monday, September 28

Pets Flown to Safety Just in Time

As Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast, we knew we had to be there for shelter pets. With no owners to get them to safety, it was up to us and Wings of Rescue to make sure these pets were flown safely out of the way of the hurricane’s life-threatening storm surge.

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Wednesday, September 23

Rescue Rebuild Goes to West Virginia

Did you know that nearly 50% of pet-owning victims of domestic violence delay leaving their abuser because they are afraid to leave their pet behind, and less than 10% of domestic violence shelters accept pets? Rescue Rebuild strives to fix that disparity and make sure as many shelters as possible have their doors open to both survivors and their 4-legged family members. One shelter at a time…and we got to check one more off the list!

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Tuesday, August 25

Getting Back to Rescue Rebuilding Business

Last year our Rescue Rebuild team headed to Kansas to build pet-friendly spaces for the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas (DVACK). Last month, we went back to do more great Rescue Rebuilding work!

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Friday, August 7

Fourth Annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week a Huge Success!

The number of animals who will benefit from your efforts is staggering—animals like Birdie.

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Thursday, August 6

Keeping Shelter Staff Safe with Masks is working to provide disposable masks to shelters and rescues across the country, to ensure that staff and volunteers stay safe and healthy while helping pets in need.

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Wednesday, August 5

Supporting Kansas City Pet Project’s Coronavirus Response partners with Kansas City Pet Project, which provides municipal animal sheltering services, including intake of animals and owner surrender needs, for a population of nearly 500,000 in the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Monday, July 27

One Community’s Pet Food Hero

One of the most important services Kevin provides is the distribution of pet food to pet owners in need. Your donations allow us to help Kevin fill his truck with food, which goes directly to pets in his community!

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