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Wednesday, November 13

Brave K9s Thrive on Duty

Thanks to your donations and Spike's K9 Fund, K9s have received the equipment they need to continue defending our country alongside the soldiers overseas.

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Tuesday, September 10

Protecting the K9s that Protect Us supports organizations like Spike's K9 Fund to protect working dogs around the country and overseas and give them the thanks they deserve.

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Monday, June 24

Zane & Storm Reporting for Duty

Zane and Storm are K9 Special Operations Team members on a mission to punish the enemies of decency this year. But to do that, they needed to gear up! 

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Monday, December 3

When You Choose to Give This Holiday Season, Give Where It Matters™

With so many nonprofits to choose from, what makes one different from the other? Which one will have the most impact on the world following your donation? It is true that not all nonprofits are created equal. When you give to, you Give Where It Matters™. What follows is a short summary of why you should choose this giving season:

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Tuesday, November 21

This Giant Dog Saves Goats from Lions

Lions are on the decline worldwide – their population has dropped by about half in the last 20 years. The majority of lion deaths are in retaliation for killing livestock. Thanks to your support, dogs like Hodari are protecting livestock from lions.

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Thursday, October 26

Meet Our New Cohort of CourageousK9s!

It is with great pride that announces CourageousK9s as our new Signature Program. Read on to learn more about our brave, mission-oriented canines, working selflessly for the greater good in all corners of the world.

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Monday, October 23

This Dog Is Helping Us Rediscover Species We Once Thought Were Extinct!

Jessie's nose is protecting the planet, one toad at a time.

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Tuesday, October 3

This Bloodhound Is Responsible For Protecting What Few Elephants And Rhinos We Have Left

With a superb sense of smell, Dodie is able to keep this World Heritage Site safe from poachers.

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