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Monday, September 28

Pets Flown to Safety Just in Time

As Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast, we knew we had to be there for shelter pets. With no owners to get them to safety, it was up to us and Wings of Rescue to make sure these pets were flown safely out of the way of the hurricane’s life-threatening storm surge.

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Wednesday, September 9 Dealing with Natural Disasters in the Era of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had […]

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Wednesday, September 9

Pipsqueak the Bravest Mouse

When Hurricane Laura threatened the Gulf Coast, you gave such immediate support that we assembled emergency flights to evacuate pets out of harm’s way. Our Wings of Rescue team took flight and helped so many pets in the hurricane's path, like Pipsqueak the bravest mouse. Three-legged Pipsqueak boarded one of our eight flights to safety and found his forever home!

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Thursday, August 6

Keeping Shelter Staff Safe with Masks is working to provide disposable masks to shelters and rescues across the country, to ensure that staff and volunteers stay safe and healthy while helping pets in need.

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Thursday, June 25

New Life Budding After Australian Bushfires

Your donations to Australian Bushfires allowed HSI to help over 300 animals: about 80 koalas, 100 kangaroos and wallabies, 30 wombats and 100 flying foxes!

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Thursday, April 16

Koalas Released Back Home After Being Rescued From Bushfires

After months of rehabilitation, koalas are going back home after massive wildfires.

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Monday, March 16

Donations Help Bahamas Citizens After Hurricane

With your donations, worked with Winners Circle Charities to ensure the delivery of needed supplies to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

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Monday, February 24

Rescue Rebuild Partners with PetSmart Charities® to Renovate Shelter Ravaged by Hurricane Dorian

Rescue Rebuild is currently in […]

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Sunday, February 2

Vets Diving to Save our Reefs has partnered with FORCE BLUE to restore 100 yards of coral.

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Tuesday, January 21

Turning Tragedy Into Hope spoke to RSPCA Queensland CEO, Darren Maier about the Australia bushfires, what work needs to be done, and how you can help the animals affected.

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