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Wednesday, January 29

A Cleaner Ocean Thanks to You

With the help of Free the Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we're committing to remove a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastlines for every dollar YOU donate.

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Thursday, January 16

Freeing the Ocean of Single-Use Plastics

With the help of Free the Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we're committing to remove a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastlines for every dollar YOU donate.

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Thursday, April 4

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

It might not be Earth Day yet, but the team has some tips for you to celebrate all year long!

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Thursday, January 3

How Women Are Improving Lives

In 2018, YOU provided 150 clean cookstoves to families in Guatemala, Uganda, Malawi, and Nigeria. The impact each stove has goes beyond the delivery of a clean cookstove and contributes to a healthier reality for peoples daily lives. Ultimately contributing to a healthier planet for all of us including; decreasing deforestation, minimizing carbon emissions emitted into our air, and time and energy back in the hands of many women who are disproportionately affected by using open air fires throughout their day. We are proud to say we are partnered with organizations who not only provide clean cookstoves to families but who also support women's initiatives that give women direct support to start their own clean cookstove businesses driving clean energy innovation and leading coordinated advocacy campaigns to benefit thousands more women.

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Tuesday, March 20

Happy World Water Day 2018! is celebrating #WorldWaterDay2018 ! Collectively we have supported; 1) 477,637,030 liters of clean water to schools in Laos, South Sudan & Sierra Leone, 2) provided 400 families with clean water storage in India. Supported 52 biosand water filters, W.A.S.H. (water, sanitation & hygiene) training and family deworming provided to families in the Philippines and 3) built 20 wells for 55 primary schools currently providing access to clean water for 7,500 children in Laos. Join us today as we celebrate #WorldWaterDay2018 by acknowledging our collective efforts thus far and continue to work together until everyone has access to, this basic right, clean water.

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Wednesday, November 18

Bring Clean Water to Villages in Nepal

Located in South Asia, the mountainous nation of Nepal suffered from a catastrophic 8.1 magnitude earthquake in April of 2015. Several months later, the landlocked country is still trying to recover from the devastation. Currently, a major concern is supplying clean water to the mountain villages.

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Wednesday, September 2

Fighting Waterborne Illness with a BioSand Filter

Water is essential for life. Without it, a person can only survive a few days. Unfortunately, there is a staggering amount of people around the world who have little or no access to clean drinking water. It is imperative that we work to make sure improved water is available to everyone. BSF Philippines is one organization that is striving to accomplish this.

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Wednesday, August 5

August is National Water Quality Month

Did you know that August is National Water Quality Month in the United States? Designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is a time to raise awareness about how homes and communities affect local fresh water sources. As we work to protect the valuable resources in our own backyard, it is incredibly important that we also think about the challenges developing countries face when it comes to the availability of clean drinking water.

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Tuesday, July 7

Giving A Lifetime of Clean Water

You are probably well aware that water is absolutely vital to your health and well-being. A human can live for only a few days without it. Sadly, this essential need means that there are many areas around the world where people are forced to make the choice between survival and drinking unsanitary water.

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