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Friday, December 4

The Most Important GivingTuesday Yet

This year was the most important GivingTuesday yet. Find out why and how YOU helped people, pets, and the planet like never before.

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Monday, November 23

Riggs’s Road to Recovery

Healed and handsome once again, Riggs from Hawaii is ready for his next adventure!

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Tuesday, November 17

Winners Announced for Greater Good Charities and Wahl Dirty Dogs Contest!

To spotlight the positive effect that grooming can have on shelter dogs’ adoptability, Greater Good Charities and Wahl partnered for the ninth year.

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Monday, November 16

2020 Disaster Response: Wildfires & Hurricanes Compound the Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response team has been called upon to respond to multiple natural disasters across the U.S. including devastating wildfires and hurricanes. During the second half of 2020, these natural disasters placed additional burdens on communities whose resources were already drained by the pandemic. Thanks to our partnership with PetSmart Charities®, we have been able to amplify our efforts to help communities in need during this challenging year.

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Thursday, November 5

Foster Hero Says Goodbye to Girly Before Flight Across the Pacific

As one serial foster mom explains, seeing a foster pet leave for their forever home is a bittersweet experience - even if you've done it 87 times before!

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Wednesday, November 4

Clear the Shelters Goes Virtual, Helps 130,000 Pets Find New Homes

For the second year in a row, Greater Good Charities teamed up with NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations for the nationwide pet adoption drive Clear the Shelters. This was the 6th year for the event.

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Monday, November 2

WATCH: Paws Across the Pacific, a Historic Pet Rescue Mission

This year Greater Good Charities partnered with Wings of Rescue and the John R. Peterson Foundation to launch Paws Across the Pacific in what would be the single largest pet airlift in history. On October 28, 2020, we flew nearly 600 dogs and cats from 6 shelters on 5 Hawaiian islands to Seattle, WA, where they would quickly find homes in the Pacific Northwest. Watch the journey here.

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Monday, October 19

Good Packs: Support for People and Pets Experiencing Homelessness

Today, I am visiting an LAFH housing site where a hotel provides shelter to 180 individuals, and more than 40 pets. Together, we will distribute or deliver 300 Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs — backpacks filled with essential supplies including basic hygiene items, a blanket, reusable water bottle and standard-size T-shirt to people currently without a home of their own. For those with dogs, thanks to, we also have Pet Packs that include a leash, a dish, dog food and treats, and a toy.

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Wednesday, September 30

The Plight of No Flights for International Dog Rescues

International dog rescues are looking to the skies, but flights are few and far between as shelters fill and adopters wait. The pandemic has created a perfect storm of demand for rescue dogs in North America, and peril for street dogs as poverty levels rise.

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Monday, September 28

Pets Flown to Safety Just in Time

As Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast, we knew we had to be there for shelter pets. With no owners to get them to safety, it was up to us and Wings of Rescue to make sure these pets were flown safely out of the way of the hurricane’s life-threatening storm surge.

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