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Monday, March 8

Building a Brighter Future for Bees—and the Planet

Greater Good Charities and Borderlands Restoration Network recently worked together in Southern Arizona to restore important habitats for bees and other critical pollinators.

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Tuesday, February 23

Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response to Deadly Winter Storms

Thanks to your generous gifts so far, Greater Good Charities has already distributed several emergency grants and is reviewing requests for additional support to be provided in the coming days.

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Friday, December 4

A Turtle’s Rocky Point Rescue and Release

It was a cool October morning when local authorities found an olive ridley sea turtle at Playa Hermosa in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. She had gone out at night to lay her eggs but was so fatigued that she was unable to return to sea.

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Friday, December 4

The Most Important GivingTuesday Yet

This year was the most important GivingTuesday yet. Find out why and how YOU helped people, pets, and the planet like never before.

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Friday, October 30

Hope for Tasmanian Devils

Not all devils have horns. Some are actually straight up adorable. We’re talking about the Tasmanian devils, of course! Unfortunately, they are facing the dangers of extinction. But with your help, there is hope yet for these iconic marsupials to survive and thrive.

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Tuesday, September 22

Introducing Greater Good Charities!

While our name has changed, be assured our dedication has not. Greater Good Charities will remain steadfast and true in our mission and founding principles. Small actions do change the world. All this time, it has been your passion and commitment that makes this impact possible. Simply put: together we amplify the good.

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Friday, September 11

How You’ve Helped People, Pets, and the Planet During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck with full force early this year, we've been working in all areas of our outreach to help. The pandemic has changed the world. We’ve made it a priority to ensure that people and animals here at home and across the globe are staying healthy, safe, and sheltered. Here are some of the ways we’re proud to have responded to COVID-19.

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Tuesday, June 30

Protecting the Giraffe One Book at a Time

Children in areas where WNI scientists conduct giraffe conservation research are learning about their national animal as giraffe populations dwindle.

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Friday, June 19

Three Chimpanzees Find Safety After Harsh Neglect

Greater Good Charities partners with […]

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Friday, June 5

Former Poacher Now Dedicated Wildlife Protector

Ten years ago, Ayub was one of the most notorious poachers in the region. Ayub wasn’t born into a wealthy family. He grew up with limited education and then found himself with no job.

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